Binh Anh Electronics was founded on 03th July 2007, under registration number 0102306702. We are pioneer in studying, developing and manufacturing GPS device for transportation, which is the original of itinerary monitoring device under standard of Ministry of Transportation. Our BA1-Blackbox is the first nation-wide itinerary monitoring device that is qualified for QCVN31 standard.Anh văn phong HN

Headquarter office in Hanoi

After 10 years of development, Binh Anh has become one of the leading manufacturers in itinerary monitoring device and our reputation in nation market is widely recognized. In our development, a continuous research was made, initiative was given prominence, so that we can increase content of technology in our product. Our typical products, such as BA1-Blackbox, BA2-Blackbox, BA3-Blackbox, BA4-Blackbox, BA2 positioning watch, etc. have their presence all over the country, bringing huge services to managers of transportation enterprises, which contributes to the general development of transportation.

In the recent years, Binh Anh has been making an incessant development. Our company scales up from 07 staffs at the beginning to more than 400 staffs at the moment. Especially, our annual growth rate is 150%. Our distribution system has spread out all over the nation, with 05 official branches in: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Da Nang, HCMC and nearly 20 distributors in 64 provinces. Binh Anh’s products have its presence from urban to rural area, from plain to mountainous regions, from truck, lorries to private car, taxi and motorbike.


Bình Anh is a team of youth, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and thirst for mastering technology, realizing technology to products for society. Our staff was educated in honor well-known universities such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University, Posts and Telecommunications Institue of Technology, National Economics University, etc. Binh Anh aims at producing Vietnam brand product with international quality, widespreading to the foreign market.

Binh Anh is always willing to become reliable partners of domestic and foreign agencies!

Binh Anh Electronics was founded with 7 staffs in 2007, when made-in-Vietnam electronics manufacturing and system programming is in its robust development and attracts a lot of attention. Microcontroller studying has been widely spread among student and employees. In this movement, Mr. Dao Thanh Anh (at that moment was a researcher in Institute of technology application, and now is the president of member council of Binh Anh electronics) made a recruitment for the very first Binh Anh staff – the founders of today Binh Anh Electronics.


At that time, GPS positioning device present its first appearance in Vietnam. This technology was widely known in international market, but was relatively new and potential in Vietnam. Taking this chance, Binh Anh made a cooperation with Transerco, to study, commission and successfully implement positioning device for Hanoi bus system. With our enthusiasm and youth, Binh Anh has overcome the beginning obstacles to successful implement a system of bus monitoring. This is the first step, marking for our drastic development. The first Binh Anh products have even been in stable operation today.


In 2008 – 2010, following our first success, Binh Anh continues to be selected for other Transerco projects; as well as heads to market of private cars, then market of taxi. Our grand customers in taxi market can be named as Mai Linh Taxi, Dong Bac Bo Taxi, Group Taxi, etc. who are the big taxi brand names in Northern area, with thousands of taxi. Our BA1-Blackbox, BA3-Blackbox are certified for conformation by Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Information and Communications.

In 2011 – 2014, our BA1-blackbox is the first nation-wide itinerary monitoring device qualified for QCVN – 31: 2011/BGTVT standard, under the certification No. 01-SXLR/BGTVT – KHCN. Right then, our second product, BA3-Blackbox, continues to be qualified under certification No. 22-SXLR/BGTVT – KHCN. At that time, there were only about 60 devices of 40 enterprises that qualified for standard QCVN-31. Bình Anh has its honor to have the first nation-wide qualified product and we are the leading enterprise in quality control among suppliers of itinerary monitoring device, under the assessment of Ministry of Transportation.

At the first moment, Binh Anh only has its market in Hanoi, then we have been spread out to Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Nowaday, we have distribution offices in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and a lot of agencies in most provinces in Vietnam. We have also brought our products to 05 foreign countries.


Starting from hiring office for operation, today Binh Anh owns its spacious offices in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City. Our staff number starts from 07 employees (2007) to more than 400 (08/2017) today. Our market product has grown to more than 100,000 devices, our customer has grown to more than 1000, from grand customer with thousands of vehicles to small ones and private car owners.

With our vast experience and practical capability in itinerary monitoring device, Binh Anh do believe to make robust and stable development in the future, and become the dependable partner for transportation enterprises.

Bình Anh has successfully applied TCVN ISO 9001:2008 standard, Kaizen standard into procedure of its manufacturing, business.

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Those are tools for Binh Anh to establish our strong and clear management system, heading to high quality products, bringing along our advantage competitiveness in the market. Our complied TCVN ISO 9001:2008 is considered the best tool for us to improve our working efficiency, increase satisfaction of our customers and increase our interest margin, because it has brought about our outstanding quality of product and services. Kaizen method has also brought about high efficiency in improving working quality, product and service quality and reducing operating cost.


Becoming a corporation in technology – service for passenger and transportation enterprises, registering a Vietnamese brand name in international enterprise map.


Providing products and services of hi-tech, international quality, to improve economic efficiency of transportation enterprises and bring convenience for our customers.

Establishing a professional, friendly, humanity working environment, attaching employees’ income with their working efficiency, creating opportunities and motivation for all of our staff.

Our core value

Thank to continuous efforts of our staff, Binh Anh has been supplying to market high quality itinerary monitoring devices, and gained following achievements:


  • In January 2014, we are honored as one of 100 enterprises for “Vietnam sustainable development brand – High quality product 2013” in a ceremony held by SME Association and the Office of the President.
  • Top 10 in the honored enterprises and honored to have personal meeting with the President Truong Tan Sang at the Presidential Palace.
  • In April 2014, Binh Anh was honored in a ceremony of “Vietnam Outstanding Brand 2014”. This program was held to commenmorate date of National Brand, under the support of Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, VCCI, Vietnam Enviromental Industry Association, Environmental Economic Magazine.
  • In May 2016, Binh Anh was honored as one of 29 transportation enterprises receiving commendation of the Ministry of Transporation for their contribution to transportation via their outstanding products, bringing convenience for customers and reducing traffic accidents.
  • In June 2016, Binh Anh received a commendation of the Prime Minister for our achievements in studying, applying technology in transportation in 2010 – 2015, contributing to build socialism and protect Fatherland.

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Our biggest reward is the recognition of our customer, present by the “saying” numbers:

– Our annual growth rate: 150%;

– With more than 100,000 subcribers of itinerary monitoring, we are the enterprise with biggest numbers of subcribers nation-wide;

– More than 14.000 customers, 120 service points;

– Our products have its presence in 05 foreign countries.

Besides focusing on our business, taking care of our staff, Binh Anh also pays attention to social charity. Each year, we are holding charity programs for disabled people such as the orphans, the homeless, etc. which were actively responsed by our staff.

In 2016, Binh Anh staff shared our care in program “All for beloved Middle”, which funds more than 100 million VND to support our compatriot in the flood area in Lộc Yên – Hà Tĩnh.

In 2013, Binh Anh raised a program named “For the familial Middle”, to raise a subscription in the whole company to support for our compatriot in the flood area and sponsored 10 composite rescue boats for 10 communes in Huong Son – Ha Tinh. Our management board has come to site for visit, sharing and sponsor.

Sponsored 10 composite rescue boats for 10 communes in Huong Son – Ha Tinh


Support our compatriot in the flood area in Loc Yen – Ha Tinh